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WINNER - 1999 EM Editors Choice Best Preamp


"This is the very best channel strip in the world! I love the warmth it's adding to my DAW." -
Kenny H., KY

"The Vt-737sp is ungodly, awesome, DA BOMB!" - Ian C., PA

"My Avalon Vt-737sp is AMAZING. My friend recommended it to me. I was playing some Spanish guitar on one of his records one day, and he said here's what the Avalon sounds like. I bought mine that week." - Scott V., Email


The Avalon VT-737SP features a combination of TUBE preamplifiers, opto-compressor, sweep equalizer, output level and VU metering in a 2U space.

The VT-737SP has three input selections: 1. The VT-737SP features a higher-performance microphone input transformer with +48v phantom selection. 2. Instrument DI high source input with jack located on front panel. 3. Balanced line input, discrete high-level Class A. The Class A preamplifier utilizes two cascaded, dual vacuum tube triodes configured with minimum negative feedback. A high gain switch boosts the overall gain of the preamplifier. The four high quality tubes are configured as singled ended anode coupled followers. A passive-variable high pass filter and hard-wire relay bypass completes the input signal conditioning. The phase reverse relay is available on all three inputs.

The opto-compressor features a minimum signal path design with twin Class A vacuum tube triodes for gain matching. The optical attenuator acts as a simple passive level controller. Full dynamic control from soft compression to hard- knee limiting can be achieved with threshold, ratio-compression, attack and release controls plus gain reduction selection on the large VU meter. Special spectral control including de-ess is available with the dual sweep mid EQ to side-chain switch. The EQ section can be flipped pre or post the opto-compressor via a front panel switch for alternate effects and tone shaping. Two VT-737SPs can be linked via a rear panel link cable for stereo tracking. The compressor bypass is a sealed silver relay for the most direct signal path.

The VT-737SP equalizer utilizes 100% discrete, Class A-high-voltage transistors for optimum sonic performance. The high and low frequency bands provide the smooth characteristics of an all passive design, while the dual mid bands include variable frequency and switched Q-width selection. The enhanced range of the mid bands is extended into the high and low bands by the use of X10 frequency multipliers. The bypass switch incorporates a sealed silver relay for the most direct signal path. When the EQ to sidechain is engaged, the high-low EQ remains in the audio path for "tone enhancement". The output level control provides a variable control of the overall signal path. The output amplifier utilizes another dual triode vacuum tube driving a 100% discrete, Class A, high-current, balanced and DC coupled low noise output amplifier.



Vacuum tube triode signal path, transformer balanced microphone input, high-voltage circuits for maximum headroom to +30dB, low noise -92dB, internal discrete power supply with toroidal transformer, soft-start tube life extender, stereo link for compressors, all discrete Class A equalizer with musical passive filter design, sealed silver relays for signal routing, large control knobs with professional conductive plastic potentiometers, VU meter for output level monitoring and compressor gain reduction.

FAQ - Is the mic preamp in the Vt-737sp the same as the AD2022 or M5?

Circuit topology Four dual triode vacuum tubes (Sovtek 6922), high-voltage discrete Class A
Gain Range Microphone: Transformer balanced 850/2500 ohm, 0dB to +58dB Instrument: Unbalanced 1 meg ohm, 0dB to+30dB Line: Balanced Class A 20k ohms, -27dB to 28dB
Maximum input level and connector types Microphone26dB@25Hz, +30dB@1kHz balanced XLR Instrument+30dB unbalanced front panel jack socket
Line +36dB balanced XLR
Maximum output level +30dB balanced 600 ohms, DC coupled, discrete Class A
Output type and gain XLR connector, output trim gain -45dB to20dB
Noise 20kHz unweighted -92dB
Noise microphone EIN -116dB, 22Hz to 22kHz unweighted
Distortion THD, IMD 0.5%
Frequency response -/2.5dB 10Hz to 120kHz input filter included
Frequency response -3dB 1Hz to 200kHz line in-out
VU meter and gain reduction High quality illuminated OVU =+4dB and gain reduction to -20dB
High cut filter Variable 6dB per octave 30Hz to 140Hz
Compressor type Optical passive attenuator incorporating twin vacuum tubes and stereo link
Threshold - Ratio Threshold variable -30dB to +20dB, ratio-compression variable 1:1 to 20:1
Attack - Release Attack variable 2mS to 200mS, release variable 100mS to 5 seconds
Equalizer type Discrete Class A, variable active and switched passive design
Frequency bands (4) Treble - switched 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, 32kHz, +/- 20dB range, shelf High mid - variable 200Hz to 2k8Hz and 2kHz to 28kHz, +/- 16dB range, hi-lo Q Low mid - variable 30Hz to 450Hz and 300Hz to 4k5Hz, +/- 16dB range, hi-lo Q Bass - switched 15Hz, 30Hz, 60Hz, 150Hz, +/- 24dB range, shelf
AC power Internal toroidal 100v to 240v, 50-60Hz selectable, 75 watts maximum
Dimensions 19 x 12 x 3.5 in (482 x 305 x 89mm)
Weight 22lbs (10kg)
Dimensions-shipping carton 21 x 18 x 8 in (533 x 457 x 203mm)
Weight-packed 26lbs (11.8kg)


Q: Is the microphone preamplifier in the Vt-737sp the same as the AD2022 or M5?
A: No.

The Vt-737sp and the AD2022/M5 are very different microphone preamplifiers. The Vt-737sp incorporates vacuum tubes while the AD2022/M5 are 100% discrete transistor based solid state electronics (no vacuum tubes). The AD2022 and M5 employ the same basic amplifier topologies. The AD2022 includes a fully balanced output and variable input impedance selection for changing the sound of all microphones. All Avalon microphone preamplifiers run in "Pure Class A" mode and use only discrete electronics for amplification. Tube preamplifiers, offer a very different sound in comparison to solid state preamplifiers.

Avalon's designer Wynton R. Morro believes that tubes achieve a very unique and wonderful sound. The AD2022/M5 are higher quality microphone preamplifier than the Vt-737sp. The AD2022/M5 has more detailed highs, better low-end definition, and is much quieter.

The sonic differences between the Vt-737sp and the AD2022/M5 can be compared to a spotlight (Vt-737sp) and a flood light (AD2022/M5). The Vt-737sp has a "close-up" round sound while the AD2022 is very detailed and open, capturing more of the subtle sub-harmonics and reflections in the room.

Now, all of the Vt-737sp owners might be thinking that they may have bought the wrong preamp. On the contrary, the Vt-737sp is a fabulous unit. It was the first and still is the best "Direct Recording Channel" or "Channel Strip" on the market for any price - bar none.

The Vt-737sp was specifically designed as a tube preamp and has the unique sound that only tubes can deliver. The Vt-737sp has the most clarity, transparency, power, control of any tube preamp available. The Vt-737sp is a Swiss army pocket knife for recording and has the necessary, high performance, functions to handle all your real-world recording demands: preamplifier, compressor and parametric equalizer.

Should you trade in your Vt-737sp for an AD2022/M5? No, but you might need both preamps in your preamplifier collection. Try both preamps and experience for yourself the difference in the sound.


vacuum tube, Class A
AD2022 & M5
100% solid state, Pure Class A
Topology Pure Class A Vacuum tube mic and instrument preamp, tube opto-compressor, 100% discrete parametric EQ. Pure Class A 100% discrete solid state mic and instrument preamplifier only.

Unique Features Mono Fully Variable tube opto compressor, four-band 100% discrete parametric EQ, built-in side chain, easy to use link jack for stereo operation. Dual mono, input impedance selection, unbalanced and balanced output with +36dB headroom, separate chassis holds power transformer (B2t) for extreme low noise - 126dBu.

Sonic Character Round warm sound, EQ delivers smooth highs - deep powerful lows, musically balanced with good "presence". Deep and extended sound stage, liquid midrange, with extreme bass control with high definition, and smooth highs.


Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, electronic sythesizers. Any instruments that require a smooth tube sound. Need to utilize compressor and EQ. Can be used as a compressor / equalizer for mix-down and mastering.The swiss army pocket knife for all recording.

Vocals, guitars, piano, drums, direct bass, keyboards, and synths. Delivers transparency with deep bass control and detailed highs. Breathtaking when used in conjunction with AD2044 dual mono compressor and AD2055 dual mono music equalizer or our VT-747sp Tube/SS compressor equalizer.

Users Christina Aguilara, Orgy, Motley Crue, Snoop Dogg, Bob Dylan, The Crystal Method, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Puff Daddy, Crazy Town, AC/DC. Disney Productions. Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Abby Road, Babyface, Alanis Morrisette, Stevie Wonder, Don Henley, Hit Factory, Blue man Group, Chung King Studios, Mariah Carey, Keb'Mo.

Price: $2475.00

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