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The Hafler PH60 is a high performance phono stage for moving coil cartridges that combines a class-A transformerless head-amp design with a well defined RIAA curve to preserve and transmit the original program material with minimal coloration. Due to the extremely low signal level produced by moving coils, particular attention has been applied to reducing noise while retaining the purity of the signal path to address the most demanding audiophiles.

The Hafler PH60 is a high performance phono preamp for moving coil cartridges that combines a class-A transformerless head-amp design with a well defi ned RIAA curve to preserve and transmit the original program material with minimal coloration.
To address the various cartridge impedances that exist, a series of internal jumpers may be set to properly match the source and destination.
Due to the extremely low signal level produced by moving coil cartridges, parti cular att enti on has been applied to reducing noise whileretaining the purity of the signal path.

The design begins with a 14 gauge steel casing to shield the low level signals from external magnetic fields and RF contamination. Gold-plated input and output RCA connector pairs are employed that will not tarnish over time, thus optimizing signal flow. Inside, the solid-state circuit and military grade PC board have been optimized by carefully positioning parts for minimal self-noise and cross-talk and then supplemented with a ground plane to reduce susceptibility to RF. An external supply further reduces noise by removing the power transformer from inside the casing.

Inside, a series of jumpers enable the user to match the impedance of the cartridge with the PH60 to maximize the frequency response and reduce distortion. These are set during hookup and can be changed later should one decide to change to a new moving coil cartridge.

Front panel controls include a power on-off switch and a low-cut filter that may be inserted into the signal path when needed. This enables the user to reduce low frequencies that can cause resonance and feedback when playing music at higher levels. This helps eliminate both airborne and solidly coupled transmission of vibrations that can enter the stylus and cause feedback, rumble and distortion.

Compact and ‘plug and play’ easy to use, the PH60 follows Hafler’s 50 year tradition of building the very finest audio products for the most demanding high fidelity enthusiasts.

  • Combination pre-preamp with RIAA phono stage for moving coil cartridges
  • Ultra low noise transformerless design with 70 dB of gain
  • Switchable high-pass filter eliminates rumble from excessive bass
  • Internal jumpers match the input impedance with the cartridge
  • Phono stage for moving coil cartridges
  • Plug and play easy to set up and use

Thank you for purchasing the Hafler PH50 phono preamp, one of the best sounding yet reasonably priced preamps ever made.
The PH50 will both boost the signal from your turntable to a manageable level and introduce the RIAAS curve that is needed to properly play back a typical long play album.

Before making any connections, make sure your audio system is turned off. This will help avoid loud turn-on and connection transients that can damage more sensitive components such as tweeters.

The Hafler PH50 is designed to boost the signal from a turntable equipped with a dynamic cartridge so that it can be played using a typical -10dB line input such as an AUX IN or CD IN on a receiver or preamplifier.
If your turntable
is equipped with a moving coil cartridge, please consider purchasing the PH60 as this phono preamp is specifically designed for these types of cartridges.

Using the PH50 is very easy. You merely connect the output from your turntable to your PH60 and the output from the SUT to the phono input on your receiver. Make sure you use high quality coaxial cables with proper shielding to minimise noise.
It is also very important that you ensure the ground connection from the turntable be properly and securely fastened to the Hafler SUT.

Connect the included 15VDC power supply and secure the power connection into place using the cable clamp.

Once all connections are made, turn the volume on your audio system down and then turn on the power.
The power LED on the PH50 will illuminate to let you know the power is being received.

The PH50 is equipped with a fully variable high-pass filter that can be activated to eliminate excessive low frequency rumble.
This can occur when listening to music at higher levels. If you encounter rumble, simply turn the
dial fully counter-clockwise and then slowly turn clock-wise until the problem subsides.

This handy control can
also be used to reduce low frequency transmission to other rooms. Bass energy is much more powerful than mids and highs.
Cutting the bass enables you to increase the volume without causing others as much discomfort.

You are now ready to enjoy.


Circuit: Active operational amplifier
Inputs: RCA (left/right)
Output RCA (left/right)
Impedance: May be set by user via internal jumpers
50, 100, 200, 300, 400 & 500 Ohms
Gain: 70 dB @ 1 kHz


Can I connect a moving magnet (dynamic) cartridge to the PH60?

No. The PH60 is designed for moving coil (dynamic) cartridges. For moving magnet designs, the Hafler PH50 is the proper choice.

Can I connect the PH60 to the phono input on my stage?

No. Your phono stage is equipped with an RIAA equalization curve, as is the PH60. Using two of these EQ's in series would seriously degrade the sound and the signal would likely be distorted due to the level mismatch.

Can I bypass the RIAA equalization curve inside the PH50?

No. It is built into PH60 and is part of the circuit board

Should I be concerned with the length of the cables I use?

High impedance cables are generally more prone to picking up noise from radio frequencies and magnetic fields. Thus keeping the cables shorter is beneficial. As a rule, try to keep the output cables from the PH60 under 2 meters (6‘) in length.

Why does the Hafler PH60 employ an external power supply?

The low output from a turntable requires a lot of gain to bring it up to a suitable level. This also makes the circuit much more prone to noise. The transformer in a power supply generates hum which if not kept in check can generate noise. By moving the power supply outside the casing significantly reduces noise.

List Price: $600.00
Price: $499.99

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