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CUBASE7.5-W-FG700S-FREE Discounts Apply !
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CUBASE 7 - It's in the mix

Stellar mixing

The completely new MixConsole excels not only in terms of usability, look and feel, but also sounds better than anything before it! Featuring full-screen mode, total scalability and quick in-place access to the parameters most relevant to the task, MixConsole adjusts seamlessly to notebook screens and large-scale displays.

With its extremely flexible channel layout, 12 dB boost and dedicated processing power per channel, an exceptional feel to the controls and comprehensive online and offline automation tools, MixConsole provides uncompromising audio quality and routing flexibility from the outset, with plenty of pristine headroom and a fundamentally transparent sonic signature.

View MixConsole in high-res detail

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Workflows for professionals

Dedicated to our diehard users, Cubase 7 brings extraordinary workflow improvements to the table, delivering a genuine benefit to professionals working regularly with the mixer. Highlights include A/B comparison and global bypass for all audio effects, a plug-in search function as well as drag-and-drop support throughout.

Plus, dynamic sends and inserts provide a streamlined overview, whereas the professional meter bridge lets you keep track of your signals.

Full-screen mode and t
otal scalability: Perfect for notebook screens and large-scale displays

View Sets: Define in which combination EQ, dynamics, sends & inserts are shown and store your favorite setups

Channel Zones:
Specify which channels you want to use and where you want to see them

Plug-in search function: Easily pick the right effect from your ever-growing list of plug-ins

Complete drag-and-drop support
ensures hassle-free transfer of channel settings

Quick Link System & 
Control Link Groups: Temporarily or permanently link channels or only specific parameters

Integrated Control Room,
including talkback and up to four different cue mixes for performers’ headphone mixes

A/B comparison and global bypass
of all audio effects

Customizable track icons & channel notepad:
 Spot channels in the blink of an eye

The Cubase Channel Strip...

The brand-new channel strip in Cubase 7 offers that epic pro-console sound that lets you turn your songs into a hard-hitting, radio-ready production.

Best of all, Allen Morgan, whose producing credits include Taylor Swift, Nine Inch Nails and many more crafted 150 channel strip presets, 150 track presets plus many FX chain presets.

... and Channel Central

The redesigned Channel Settings window gives you lightning quick access to all channel parameters, including input metering, routing assignments, the new channel strip with premier equalization and dynamics modules and essential aux as well as cue sends to create individual cue mixes. There's no need for scrolling — the display follows you automatically wherever you are and updates each time you adjust controls on a different channel.



Noise Gate

Simple and effective.


3 top-end compressor models
Standard: The swiss-knife of compression
Vintage: The classic sound of yesteryears
Tube: Warm and colorful signal shaper

4-band StudioEQ with spectrum analyzer

Envelope Shaper
Shapes the transients of percussive input signals. 


Tape & Tube Saturation
Add that extra punch of warmth your recordings deserve. 


Limiter, Brickwall Limiter, Maximizer
Get your mix radio-ready

Channel Central
Channel Central: Quick access to all channel parameters 


Monitor your audio’s loudness

In past years the loudness level has increased dramatically, especially in TV advertising. To align loudness levels easily and maintain dynamics without further increasing the peak level and compression rate, Cubase 7 comes with an integrated loudness meter that is fully compatible with the EBU R128 loudness standard. Precise measuring of integrated, momentary and short-term loudness enables you to keep track of your audio’s loudness and deliver in true EBU-compliant formats.

Remote control this

You asked for it and Cubase 7 delivers! Supporting many hardware remote controllers right out of the box, the all-new Remote Control Editor lets you visually customize the parameter layout of individual effects and instruments on your control surface. It’s as simple as it sounds — just select a hardware knob or button and chose which parameter to control and there you go! Various modes for rotaries and knobs plus the Learn mode make it even easier to assign parameters. Simply reassign the cutoff parameter of your favorite filter effect or synth to whatever rotary you want.

Remote Control Editor supports Avid System 5 MC, Avid Artist Series, Mackie Control, Steinberg Houston, WK-Audio’s ID, Yamaha DM2000 and more right out of the box.

Remote Control Editor
Voxengo CurveEQ

Match that sound

Cubase 7 includes the full version of Voxengo’s CurveEQ, an extremely versatile 64-band spline EQ with linear and minimum-phase modes. Its built-in professional-grade spectrum analyzer allows displaying, saving and loading static spectrum plots for comparison and matching purposes. With its spectrum matching technology you can exactly transfer the sound of any audio track to another, whether it’s your die-for guitar intro or your favorite kick drum sound!


Downmixing just got better

The latest version of MixConvert offers unmatched downmixing quality and gives you detail control over LFE, Center and surround levels. Select different output speaker arrangements and solo/mute specific channels for an individual downmix — and it’s all fully integrated in Cubase’s Control Room.

More music

Know your harmonies

The new global Chord Track allows for easy working with chords within your Project window and provides transform and harmonize functions throughout the application. Cubase detects the harmony structure of your song and feeds back all chord and scale information to both MIDI and audio tracks processed with VariAudio. All tracks engaged to follow will automatically reflect any harmonic adjustments made with the Chord Track! Advanced voicing options are used to transform existing parts in a harmonically correct and ear-pleasing way.

Chords can be either entered manually with the mouse, by playing them on a MIDI keyboard, or generated automatically from existing MIDI parts in the project. You may even want to enter single notes and harmonize these later on with VariAudio — Chord Track lets you do all this.

Chord Track
Chord Track and Chorder MIDI plug-in

Due to the tight integration, creating and printing lead sheets is just a matter of a few clicks. Now, you can drag-and-drop single or multiple chord events from the Chord Track to the Chorder MIDI plug-in or HALion Sonic or HALion Sonic SE.

Key Editor toolset

And while the Chord Track with its many automatic mechanisms truly delivers what it promises, we built a toolset in the Key Editor’s inspector to paint in chords directly as MIDI notes in the Key Editor.

Intelligent composing assistance

You don't have to be a musical genius to lay down beautiful harmonies — not when you're using Cubase 7. The powerful new Chord Assistant helps you to generate everything from simple pop to complex jazz chord sequences that just sound fabulous.

Want to specify both the first and final chords but have no clue how to get there? This, also, is possible in Cubase 7. The Chord Assistant lists chord suggestions from which you can choose — it's all just a click away.

Intelligent composing assistance

Pure tuning for that extra punch

Thanks to the Hermode tuning technology, the intonation of your synthesized notes are changed dynamically on the fly for utmost compatibility with well-tempered scales, while retaining a high degree of purity for third and fifth intervals. Especially when combining non-fixed-intonation instruments, like brass and woodwind, and fixed-intonation instruments, such as guitars and piano, entire orchestral arrangements sound immediately clearer and more brilliant than before. 

Eliminating the compromises and strengthening the advantages of well temperament, Hermode intonation results in a clean and pure tuning that can definitely add unimagined punch and clarity to all kinds of electronic music as well!

Create your harmonies with VariAudio 2.0

Since its introduction in Cubase 5, we've been waiting to push VariAudio a milestone further. For Cubase 7 we were back in the code yard and are now proud to present you with a lot more powerful VariAudio 2.0!

VariAudio 2.0

The seamless integration with the newly introduced Chord Track ensures correct pitch to your harmonies at all times. This interaction also lets you harmonize your lead vocals in beautifully composed choral arrangements: the brilliant new spread function adds soprano, alt, tenor and bass voices on new tracks with by-the-book harmonic lead voicing.

Talking about multiple tracks, you’ll be glad to know that the days when you manually aligned editor windows under each other are finally over. Now you can smartly edit multiple VariAudio parts across multiple tracks within one editor only!

And let's not stop here: the VariAudio vocal toolset has further been refined with an enhanced note-detection algorithm, leaving really no more wishes open. And yes, the popular autotuning effect is no big deal for VariAudio!


Go hybrid with HALion Sonic SE

Go hybrid with HALion Sonic SE

You asked for it and we listened: the new Hybrid Expansion for HALion Sonic SE boasts 300 pristine hybrid instrument sounds stocking up on natural pianos, breathing choirs, lush strings and moving analog-digital textures. The gorgeous rich and exciting tonal spectrums perfectly supplement HALion Sonic SE’s top-flight workstation library. Make the difficult choice from the greater good of having a plethora of star-like instruments, and dial them in on your next track!

30 new drum kits for Groove Agent ONE

Let there be groove

For all you beat meddlers out there, we've added fresh new drum samples and patterns to Cubase 7 that'll contribute many a programming moment to savor. Beautifully created and recorded percussive sounds in 30 new drum kits grace the library of Groove Agent ONE, alongside 150 further intricately grooving MIDI Loop patterns — literally leaving no room for tranquil moments. All MIDI patterns were produced by Allen Morgan, whose artist credits include Taylor Swift, Nine Inch Nails and plenty others.

Thousands of MIDI construction loops

Thousands of MIDI construction loops

Giving you the building blocks to create your own song in only a few steps, Cubase 7 boasts a smorgasbord of quality MIDI loops taken directly from Sequel. Each loop automatically loads the corresponding sounds from HALion Sonic SE, ranging from orchestral motives to rock riffs to just plain strange. It's all there, you just have to put it together. Arrange these loops within your song's project, and let the spotlight shine on your next track.

Easier life

Global collaboration with VST Connect SE

Steinberg VST Connect SE allows musicians to connect directly to Cubase 7 users, giving you the freedom to collaborate and produce together, even when you’re not in the same studio, town or country. Talkback and chat functions as well as video and audio stream in real time give you limitless possibilities. Collaborate with your musical partners when they are not using Cubase, thanks to the included standalone version, which is available as a free download.

  • Collaborate with your partners around the globe
  • Peer-to-peer solution with sample accurate sync
  • Video feed, talkback and chat functions
VST Connect SE

Find tracks and channels now

Channel search function

Here's a typical studio situation: it's 3 a.m., air con's just packed up, your client is expecting results and now you have to get the production finished fast. But it's this one guitar track you need to edit, tucked away in that 300-track project of yours… only where? From here, Cubase 7 helps you to spot tracks and channels with its comfortable search engine. Simply type in "guitar" and instantly receive a list of all tracks and channels that have "guitar" included in their name.

MemZap teleports throughout the project


Think about this: you are editing a zoomed-in wave file and you need to jump to another part of your project only to return back to the starting point seconds later. Now imagine doing this several times in a row — but to save your sanity, Cubase 7 now features MemZap. This allows you to store the exact position and zoom factors of your project for recall and to hop between them whenever you like.

Bulletproof ASIO-Guard

The Steinberg Audio Engine has also been extended with the brand-new ASIO-Guard technology. Rely on our intelligent dropout-prevention algorithms and focus only on your sound — just like in the analog days. With this bulletproof technology our goal is to help Cubase users get the maximum performance out of their systems.

Play it safe

Sometimes things can get a little out of hand when corrupted or outdated application settings lead to lock-ups and other erratic program behavior. Perfect for troubleshooting and diagnostic analysis, Cubase includes a safe-start mode that allows you to disable custom preferences temporarily and restart Cubase with its factory settings.

Made for each other: Cubase and HP

Finest software requires finest hardware. That's why our best software specialists rely on the world’s leading PC hardware manufacturer. Cubase 7 is quality-tested with HP's professional Z series workstation computers, ensuring highest performance and maximum reliability packed in a rock-solid chassis. Carefully selected components optimized for recording, editing and mixing allow for efficient audio data transfer rates throughout the whole system. Be it the industry-proven Intel XEON processors or the ultra-fast SSD drives, HP Z machines squeeze the best out of Cubase, speeding up your entire studio software environment.


Premium-packaged video tutorials

Premium-packaged video tutorials

Cubase 7 gives you access to over four hours of online video tutorials in HD quality. The Quick Start tutorials show you the basics in over two hours of video footage, whereas the Cubase 7 New Features tutorials show you the new Cubase 7 features in detail. Subtitles are available in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. The videos were produced once again by the brilliant educators at Streamworks Audio. We love this footage and so will you!

Touching base

Steinberg Hub

Cubase sports the new Steinberg Hub loaded with tons of helpful information. Alongside the enhanced Project Assistant you now find a list of regularly updated video tutorials and RSS feeds to keep you informed about important Cubase updates, support news or product releases. This means that you’re always up to date on all things Cubase.

Chegou a hora!

Cubase provides the entire user interface in Portuguese.

The time has come! Cubase 7 is the first Cubase version to provide the entire user interface in Portuguese. We welcome our Portuguese-speaking friends from around the world to the ever-growing Cubase community. Over 250 million people on this planet speak Portuguese — this is reason enough to localize the world’s most popular music production system and make it even more popular! Viva Cubase!

Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7 new feature comparison

Still using Cubase 6?

New in Cubase 6.5

If you're updating from Cubase 6 to Cubase 7, you will also get the feature set introduced in Cubase 6.5, including two spectacular new synths, creative effects and several workflow improvements.

Highlights introduced with Cubase 6.5:

  • New synths on the block: Get blown away by the Padshop granular synth and the Retrologue virtual analog synth — together with more than 700 extraordinary presets.
  • One step closer to perfection: New comping and audio quantizing tools to get best results in a more intuitive and faster way.
  • Supersonic side-kicks: DJ-EQ and MorphFilter effect plus VST Amp Rack 1.5 with new stomp boxes and signature presets made by world-class guitarists.
  • Intercommunication 2.0: Direct SoundCloud export, save up to 60% disk space thanks to the FLAC support, connect ReWire client applications to Cubase in a 64-bit environment, switch the user interface to simplified Chinese.
Price: $499.99

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