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Add Transport Controls to Your Cubase Rig!

The Steinberg CMC-TP transport control surface gives you a complete set of transport controls for Cubase or Nuendo. This amazing CMC series control module instantly integrates with your Steinberg software, mapping out perfectly to the transport controls you're already familiar with. Six working modes add incredible functionality to the CMC-TP's 17 buttons and touch-sensitive navigation strip. What's more, the CMC system is completely modular, so you can create the ultimate custom Cubase control surface, by combining your Steinberg CMC-TP with other CMC controllers. 

Steinberg CMC-TP Modular Cubase Transport Controller at a Glance:
  • More than just transport controls
  • Part of a complete modular Cubase controller system 
  • Plug-and-play Steinberg software integration

More than just transport controls
In addition to a full complement of transport buttons, one the CMC-TP's most innovative aspects is its touch-sensitive multi-function slider. With the slide of a finger this amazing control lets you control jog and scrub, tap tempo, scroll, zoom, and other useful operations. What's more, four of the CMC-TP's main buttons can hold secondary functions, making it easier than ever to control your favorite Steinberg production software.

Part of a complete modular Cubase controller system 
The CMC-TP is one of six USB controller designed by Steinberg to specifically integrate with Cubase and Nuendo software. What's more, this system is completely modular, allowing you to build your own custom control surface with exactly the hands-on controls you want, no matter how many channels you need to cover. And whether you're just starting to build your system, or you're adding on to your CMC system, you'll love the convenience and ease of use the CMC-TP gives you.

Plug-and-play Steinberg software integration
Like the rest of the CMC series controllers, the CMC-TP integrates seamlessly with Steinberg's Cubase or Nuendo production software. The 1-step installation process is incredibly simple. No lengthy installation process, confusing settings, or hard to navigate control panels - the CMS-TP gives you true plug-and-play convenience. What's more, every CMC controller features colored controls with icons that mirror Cubase, so integrating your new CMC-TP into your Cubase rig is completely intuitive.

Steinberg CMC-TP Modular Cubase Transport Controller Features:
  • The ultimate transport controller for Steinberg's Cubase and Nuendo software
  • Covers all major transport functions, including play, stop, record, reverse, fast forware, cycle, nudge, and insert marker, and more
  • Touch controller with a cutting-edge capacitance slider design provides innovative control for jog, shuttle, locate, 
  • scroll, zoom, metronome, and tempo functions
  • 4 x user-assignable function keys
  • Combines seamlessly with other CMC series controllers, allowing you to create a custom control surface that best meets your needs
  • Fully mirrored Cubase functionality: intuitive operation due to the adoption of the Cubase color scheme and icons 
  • Ergonomic design allows you to work comfortably, placing the controls you need right at your fingertips
  • Illuminated, high-resolution touch controls provide detailed visual feedback 
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket, in front of your keyboard or laptop, or on the top panel of your master keyboard controller
  • User-assignable functions give you additional flexibility and tweaking options 
  • USB bus power requires no additional power supply
  • Cross-platform compatible with Mac OS X and Windows operating systems
  • Cubase AI download version included to let you start recording your music straight away 
  • Joint plate included for quick and easy connection with other CMC series controllers

Take control of Cubase and Nuendo like never before, with Steinberg's CMC-TP transport controller!
Specification Detail
Intended Use Cubase/Nuendo
Number of Faders No Faders
Fader Throw No Faders
Fader Type No Faders
Number of Knobs No Knobs
Knob Type No Knobs
Number of Performance Pads No Performance Pads
Performance Pad Types No Performance Pads
Number of Soft Keys 17 (4 programmable)
Other Controls 1 x Touch Strip
Transport Controls Yes
Audio Inputs No Audio I/O
Audio Outputs No Audio I/O
Computer Connectivity USB
Control I/O CMC
Height .7"
Depth 7.2"
Width 3.6"
Manufacturer Part Number CMC-TP
Price: $149.99

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