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Yamaha 01V93VCM 24 Channel 24 Bit 96khz Digital Console

  • Yamaha's flagship digital mixing consoles are the accepted standards throughout the world: the awesome PM1D for sound reinforcement, broadcast, and theater; the DM2000, DM1000, and 02R96 for sound and music production. Now the 01V96 brings you the same performance and reliability in a smaller, more affordable format that's perfect for the home or smaller professional production studio. Still, it has a maximum 40-channel input capacity and can be cascaded for applications that require more. And, of course, 24-bit/96-kHz operation is standard. Mixer functions and effects are all inherited from the top-of-the-line DM2000, so you know you're getting the best. Prepare to be amazed at how far Yamaha digital evolution has come. If you thought that cutting-edge digital mixing and processing performance was still beyond reach, here is a very good reason to smile.

    The 01V96VCM delivers the performance and reliability of Yamaha's acclaimed digital live sound and production consoles in a remarkably compact design that is perfect for home and professional applications where space is limited or maximum portability is required. It may be small but it can handle up to 40 inputs, and can be cascaded if more are required. And now, in addition to the many improvements that were implemented in the 01V96 Version 2, the 01V96VCM comes with a selection of Yamaha's unsurpassed VCM effects built in. Of course the entire console – effects included – features 24 bit/96 kHz operation for ultimate resolution and sound quality that will satisfy the most demanding applications.

    Precise 24-bit/96-kHz Audio and High-performance Head Amps
    Advanced custom DSP7 LSIs feature 32-bit internal processing (58-bit accumulator) at extremely high speed. Full functionality is provided when mixing all 40 channels at 96 kHz. All analog inputs and outputs – including the 16 microphone/line inputs – employ precision 24-bit A/D and D/A converters for an outstanding 110-dB dynamic range. Top-performance head amplifiers provide precise, uncolored pre-amplification prior to A/D conversion, and uncompromising Yamaha quality standards throughout make the 01V96 a worthy performer alongside other members of Yamaha's acclaimed production console lineup such as the DM2000, 02R96, and DM1000.

    40-input 18-bus Mix Capacity at 96 kHz
    Although it is a compact rack-size mixer, the 01V96 offers generous mixing capacity with up to 40 simultaneous inputs. All 40 input channels include four-band parametric EQ and up to 452 milliseconds of delay with variable feedback, while all channels except for stereo inputs 1 through 4 also provide a gate and compressor/limiter. What's more, all of this functionality is available at 96 kHz. The output section also offers plenty of versatility with 18 buses: 8 group buses, 8 auxiliary buses, and a stereo bus. Group buses 1 through 8 also function as surround buses, and a Bus to Stereo function allows sound-reinforcement type sub-mixing. A "Fix" function automatically sets the auxiliary buses to nominal (0 dB) level, so they can be used as additional mix buses.

    Versatile Connectivity and Expandability for a Wide Range of Applications
    Inputs 1 through 12 feature high-performance head amps that accept microphone and line-level sources, with 20-dB pads, -60 to -16 dB gain trim and balanced XLR and TRS phone jack connectors. Phantom power is switchable in 4-channel groups. Inputs 13 through 16 accept line-level sources via balanced TRS phone jacks, with trim adjustable from -20 to +10 dB as two stereo pairs or four independent mono channels. Analog outputs include the main stereo outs, stereo monitor outputs, a stereo 2-track output, four "omni" outputs, 12 channel insert outputs, and a phones output. All analog inputs and outputs employ precision 24-bit, 96-kHz converters. Digital I/O is provided via 8-channel optical ADAT and coaxial 2-track inputs and outputs. The 01V96 also features an I/O expansion slot that accepts Mini YGDAI (Yamaha General Digital Audio Interface) cards that support up to 16 additional channels of I/O in analog or digital (AES/EBU, ADAT, or TASCAM) format. The 01V96's inputs and outputs can be freely assigned via a flexible digital patching system that allows the console to be optimally configured for a wide range of music production and sound reinforcement applications, as well as installations.

    Powerful Channel Functions with Flexible Control and Patching
    All 32 mono channels, the four stereo channels, eight group buses, eight auxiliary buses, and stereo bus feature powerful functions inherited from the DM2000 and 02R96. All mono channels include gate and compressor dynamics processing, while mono and stereo channels offer four-band parametric EQ, channel inserts, delay, surround and stereo panning, and phase. These same features with the sole exception of gating are also provided for the eight group and auxiliary buses as well as the stereo bus. Easy-access dedicated controllers are provided for EQ and panning. Control data is graphically displayed via an LCD screen, and can be saved in "libraries" for easy recall whenever recalled. All inputs, outputs, insert patch points, direct outputs, and effect sends and returns can be freely patched to configure the system as required via graphical on-screen "digital patching" displays: for example, you could patch one input to multiple channels, or assign the signal from one bus to multiple outputs.

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    Four Advanced Multi-effect Processors at 44.1/48 kHz, or Two at 88.2/96 kHz
    In 44.1/48 kHz mode the 01V96 offers four high-performance stereo multi-effect processors that deliver the same quality as the effect processors provided on the DM2000, 02R96 and DM1000. A total of 44 presets include reverb, delay, chorus, and distortion programs. Original effect settings can be stored to any of 76 user library locations. The internal effects can be patched as send/return or insert type effects.

    01V96 Editor Software Supplied
    The 01V96 comes supplied with an advanced 01V96V2 Editor that runs on the Studio Manager application for Windows or Mac computers. The 01V96 connects to your computer via the TO HOST interface (USB), creating a production environment that goes beyond simple parameter viewers. The Console Window, Selected Channel Module, Patch Editor, Effect Editor, and Library Window can be accessed via the computer's expansive color display, and the main mixer functions can be edited offline. Memory management functions allow 01V96 data to be transferred to and from the computer where it can be managed and even shared via LAN or the Internet.

    Comprehensive Interface with Large LCD, 100-mm Motor Faders, and Dedicated Scene Memory Keys
    A large 320 x 240 pixel LCD display clearly displays parameters and metering. 16 faders provide access to the console's 32 mono channels in two layers: 1 through 16 and 17 through 32. Add the stereo master and you have a total of 17 top-quality 100-millimeter motor faders. The bus and auxiliary faders are provided in a third layer, and a fourth "remote" layer is provided for external device control. The remote layer is user assignable, allowing you to place any desired combination of inputs and/or buses in a single layer. The four stereo inputs have their own dedicated controls. Physical keys are provided for scene store and recall for fast, efficient scene management. Fade time can be individually specified for each channel, while recall safe can be specified for each channel and function. Your 01V96 data can even be managed on your personal computer using the supplied 01V96 Editor application.

    Versatile Pairing and Grouping Functions Enhance Mixing Efficiency
    In addition to "horizontal pairing" of adjacent channels, the 01V96 allows "vertical pairing" of channels on different layers so that, for example, you can control up to 16 stereo sources from a single layer. Grouping functions include the familiar fader and mute grouping, as well as sophisticated EQ and dynamics grouping. The latter can be a great advantage when mixing surround sound.

    I/O Expansion Slot for Easy Expansion in a Variety of Formats
    A Mini-YGDAI (Yamaha General Digital Audio Interface) expansion card slot supports up to 16 additional channels of digital I/O in AES/EBU, ADAT or TASCAM format, as well as a range of other interface cards including double-speed 96 kHz (AES/EBU) digital I/O cards, 96-kHz compatible AD/DA cards, and a range of analog I/O cards. The 01V96 expansion slot also accepts various YGDAI compatible cards available from third parties.

    Sophisticated DAW or Digital Recorder Integration
    In addition to its extensive stand-alone capabilities the 01V96 can integrate with your computer-based DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or digital recorder to create an advanced digital production environment. The 01V96 can function as a physical controller for both recorder and mixer sections of your DAW. The standard library includes control compatibility with Digidesign Pro Tools® and Steinberg NUENDO® workstations, and the General DAW mode supports a range of other DAW systems. MIDI control tables can also be created to provide functionality with MIDI-compatible DAW systems.

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    01V96 Cascade Link and Other Advanced Capabilities
    The 01V96 Cascade Link function allows two 01V96 consoles to be connected to provide up to 80 input channels. The 01V96's light weight and compact rack-mountable size make it an unbeatable choice for a range of recording, live sound, and installed applications. A worthy member of the Yamaha digital production console lineup that includes the DM2000, 02R96 and DM1000, the 01V96 offers features and performance that are ideal for professional use. Important details include on-screen gain-reduction metering for dynamics processing, global recall safe, and password-protected console operation lock.

    Built-in VCM Effects
    Previously available as "add-on" effect packages for top-line digital consoles, Yamaha's highly regarded VCM Channel Strip processors and REV-X reverb are now standard features on the 01V96VCM. These extraordinary effects are based on innovative Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology that actually models the original analog circuitry – right down to the last resistor and capacitor. VCM effects are capable of capturing subtleties that simple digital simulations cannot even approach, going beyond simple simulation and delivering the truly musical performance that makes classic analog gear invaluable even in today's digital production environment.

    The 01V96VCM includes the Channel Strip package with COMP276, COMP260, and EQ601 effects that bring vintage analog compression and EQ to life in the digital domain. It also includes the same REV-X algorithm that is behind the unmatched performance of Yamaha's stand-alone SPX2000 signal processor, delivering the most natural reverb and ambience available anywhere.

    VCM Logo
    Channel Strip
    This compressor and EQ effects faithfully captures the unique saturation effect of analog circuitry. Includes five models that employ VCM technology to recreate the sound and characteristics of classic compression and EQ units from the 70's. Fine-tuned by leading engineers, and featuring carefully selected parameters in a simple interface.

    Compressor 276S (Stereo)
    Compressor 276 (mono) / Compressor 276S (Stereo)
    Recreate the fast response, frequency characteristics, and tube-amp saturation of the most in-demand analog compressors for studio use.

    Compressor 260S (Stereo)
    Compressor 260 (mono) / Compressor 260S (Stereo)
    Features faithful modeling of the solid-state VCA and RMS detection circuitry of the late 70's for live sound reinforcement applications.

    Equalizer 601 rel
    Equalizer 601
    Delivers the unique characteristics of 70's analog EQ circuitry, featuring graphical editing capability on both the console and PC displays.

    REV-XThese reverb effects employ the latest "REV-X" algorithms first introduced in Yamaha's SPX2000 Professional Multi Effect Processor. The REV-X programs feature the richest reverberation and smoothest decay available, based on years of dedicated research and development.

    REV-X Hall, REV-X Room, and REV-X Plate programs are provided, with new parameters such as room size and decay envelopes that offer unprecedented definition and finer nuance control.

    The REV-X Hall and REV-X Room programs have a very open sound, while REV-X Plate delivers a brighter tonality that is ideal for vocals.

    All models deliver dense, warm reverb that does not interfere with the natural timbre of the source.

    Number of scene memories 99
    Sampling Frequency Internal 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz
    External Normal rate 44.1 kHz -10% ¿ 48 kHz + 6%
    Double rate 88.2 kHz - 10% - 96 kHz + 6%
    Signal Delay 1.6 ms CH INPUT to STEREO OUT (@Sampling frequency = 48 kHz)
    0.8 ms CH INPUT to STEREO OUT (@Sampling frequency = 96 kHz)
    Fader 100mm motorized x 17
    Total Harmonic Distortion*
    Input Gain=Min.
     0.005% 20 Hz to 20kHz @+14 dB into 600Ω
     0.01% 1kHz @+24 dB into 600Ω
    (@Sampling frequency = 48 kHz)

     0.005% 20 Hz to 40kHz @+14 dB into 600Ω
     0.01% 1kHz @+24 dB into 600Ω
    (@Sampling frequency = 96 kHz)
    Frequency Response CH INPUT to STEREO OUT
    0.5-1.5dB 20Hz - 20khz @+4 dB into 600Ω(@Sampling frequency = 48 kHz)
    0.5-1.5dB 20 Hz - 40khz @+4 dB into 600Ω(@Sampling frequency = 96 kHz)
    Dynamic Range
    (maximum level to noise level)
    110 dB typ. DA Converter (STEREO OUT)
    105 dB typ. AD+DA (to STEREO OUT) @FS = 48 kHz
    105 dB typ. AD+DA (to STEREO OUT) @FS = 96 kHz
    Hum & Noise**
    Input Gain = Max.
    Input Pad = 0dB       

    Input Pad = 0dB
    Input Sensitivity = - 60dB
    -128dB equivalent input noise
    -86dB residual output noise STEREO OUT
    STEREO OUT off
    -86dB (90dB S/N) STEREO OUT
    STEREO fader at nominal level and all CH INPUT faders at minimum level
    -64dB (68dB S/N) STEREO OUT
    STEREO fader at nominal level and all CH INPUT faders at minimum level
    Maximum Voltage Gain 74dB CH INPUT (CH1-12) to STEREO OUT/OMNI (BUS) OUT
    40dB CH INPUT (CH13-16) to STEREO 
    74dB CH INPUT (CH1-12) to OMNI (AUX) OUT (via pre input fader)
    74dB CH INPUT (CH1-12) to MONITOR OUT (via STEREO BUS)
    Crosstalk (@1kHz)
    Input Gain=Min.
    80dB adjacent input channels (CH1-12)
    80dB adjacent input channels (CH13-16)
    80dB input to output
    Power Requirements USA 120V  90W 60 Hz
    Dimensions 16.92"(W) x 21.25"(D) x 5.90"(H)
    Weight 33.6 lbs
    Operating free-air temperature range 10-35oC
    Storage temperature range -20-60oC
    * Total Harmonic Distortion is measured with a 6 dB/octave filter @80 kHz.
    ** Hum & Noise are measured with a 6 dB/octave filter @12.7 kHz; equivalent to a 20 kHz filter with infinite dB/octave attenuation.
      Number of factory presets Number of user libraries
    Effect libraries (EFFECT1-4) 44 76
    Compressor libraries 36 92
    Gate libraries 4 124
    EQ libraries 40 160
    Channel libraries 2 127
    Input patch libraries 1
Price: $2399.99

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